Seneca House is joining services with Sara Riel Inc, with the support of the WRHA. The services will be retained as currently provided to the greatest degree possible.

The location will change to 210 Kenny Street in the Sara Riel apartment block. The phone line and the warm line will be maintained as they are currently. The changeover will take place June 1, 2014. Peer Support Respite will continue as the service delivery model.  The Respite services will continue to support up to 5 guests and provide the 24 hours of respite support.  Thank you all for your anticipated cooperation in the changeover.

Please direct questions to Diane Lau, Executive Director Sara Riel,  204 237- 9263 ex 123.

Our goal is to empower and support you--to help you help yourself--before problems escalate and require admittance to a Crisis Stabilization Unit or hospital. Seneca House complements other mental health services and self-help groups you may already be using.

If you are in a crisis, please call 911, the Mobile Crisis Service at 204-940-1781 or Klinic's Crisis Line at 204-786-8686.

You can also visit the Crisis Response Centre in person 24/7, located at 817 Bannatyne Ave. on the Health Sciences Campus.

Seneca House offers peer-supported respite, where adults with mental health or emotional concerns can stay when they want to work on their recovery in a safe, healthy, supportive and caring environment.

You can stay for 5 nights, once a month, up to eight times per year. There is no fee for our services.

Seneca is a character home in St. Boniface at 283 Provencher Blvd., between St. Jean Baptiste and Langevin. Seneca is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Trained staff are available at all times.

Bus stops to and from downtown (#50168 and 50169) are just outside the house. Parking is available on the residential side streets.


  1. People deserve and have the right to be treated humanely with dignity and respect.
  2. Help is best received when those giving and receiving help work together in cooperation and partnership.
  3. People are capable of making choices and decisions for themselves, even when experiencing personal distress.
  4. We provide a neutral environment regarding diversity, religious and spiritual practices and beliefs.
  5. The staff's peer support relationship with guests is based on the shared experience of being mental health consumers, mutual respect and the goal of addressing a guests' self-identified goals.


  • Staff are bound by an Oath of Confidentiality. Guests have the right to determine what information, if any, is shared with third parties.
  • Seneca is non-institutional, and guests maintain their autonomy and freedom of movement at all times. We do not impose activities or schedules on our guests. Passes or permission to leave the home is not necessary.
  • Guests administer their own medication and medical services. Seneca is a non-medical facility.
  • Guests are provided a private bedroom with a secure closet for valuables and medications.
  • Guests are assured privacy and confidentiality. We never enter a guest’s room without permission, except in emergencies.